Thursday, October 18, 2012

Roger's Tikis

This is some sort of sign of the current state of the tiki revival: A nice little selection of tikis are now available at Roger's Gardens -- the high-end, jaw-droppingly amazing king of all nurseries, located in Newport Beach, California. How will people get these home in their tiny but expensive European sports cars?

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  1. Roger's Gardens is better then the Pottery Barn in Laguna Beach / Laguna Niguel off of Pacific Coast Hwy .... Although I drive a decent sized Toyota Matrix (I can actually fit a 9' ladder in this swank hatch back), I'd

    1) lol @ all the Mini Coopers trying to fit a 6' tiki in their vehicle

    2) lol @ the fact Newport Dunes still has a distinct odor

    3) lol @ the fact people still get tickets from Newport's Finest due to the fact they don't observe the one-way streets